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TomTom dodges credit crunch

corinne vigreux tomtom
corinne vigreux tomtom

Corinne Vigreux, CEO and co-founder of TomTomA lot of people are facing tough times at the moment. And that usually transfers to gadget companies ("Shall I buy that flat-screen TV or shall we clothe and feed the kids for the next six months?") But TomTom says, like its navigation hardware, it’s avoiding any slowdowns…


TomTom CEO Corinne Vigreux said the company’s devices were still selling well and there hadn’t been any noticeable drop off.

"Technology is still being bought and sold if it answers a real need and we believe that’s what we do," said Vigreux at the launch of the Go 940 Live.

"We announced our results yesterday and we’re still alive and kicking – the margins are still there."

TomTom’s third quarter results saw revenue of €429m, with a gross profit of €240m.