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Nokia to iPhone its N-series smartphones with a touchscreen

nokia 5800 the tube small
nokia 5800 the tube small

With the iPhone looking increasingly like a runaway success (it has
grabbed a large chunk of the market for smartphones since its launch),
other phone manafacturers have had to play catch-up really fast. With
the BlackBerry Storm heading out of RIM’s door, it was only a matter of time before Finnish phone giant Nokia would add a touchscreen to its N-Series of smartphones.

Well that’s according to Devinder Kishore, marketing director at Nokia
India. He told an audience at an event in New Delhi that such an
official announcement would be made shortly, even though the company is
also jumping on the touchscreen bandwagon with is Xpressmusic 5800
"Tube" phone.

The news was broken by mobile news website Cellpassion, with Kishore saying that "we [Nokia] will have lot of touchscreen phones coming up, including an N-series device very soon."

wasn’t much more detail than that. No news on features, but it is hoped
that as with the rest of the N-Series, the new touchscreen phone will
incorporate music and video players, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

also told Cellpassion that the phone would launched before the end of
2008 and that customers can expect the company to release a load of
touchscreen models next year.