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Firefly launches child-friendly handsets

firefly glowphone
firefly glowphone

the first pay-as-you-go service provider to design mobile phones
specifically for children; has launched a new mobile handset. The
clever innovation will only permit the child to ring the numbers preset
into the phone. Parents are also able to monitor the use of the phone. 

child friendly, age appropriate features, the new handsets have been
named the ‘glowPhone’ and the ‘flyPhone’. Parents are able to limit the
duration of calls and to regulate the number of text messages that can
be sent. The messages are also controlled in the sense that the child
is only able to send a text message to a number that is programmed into
the phone’s memory

The glowPhone has been designed and
developed for the children aged 5-8 and has buttons labelled ‘Mum’,
‘Dad’ as well as an array of emergency numbers. The phone also comes
complete with a variety of games and an inbuilt camera, MP3 player and
FM Radio.