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Nokia touchscreen phone in 2 days

nokia 5800 the tube small
nokia 5800 the tube small

Nokia 5800 - The TubeIt had to happen – mobile overlord Nokia has come up with a touchscreen model to face off against that newfangled iPhone thingy, and it will almost certainly be shown off to the world on Thursday.

The Nokia 5800, otherwise known as the Tube, runs a Symbian S60 OS and boasts GPS, Java and DVB-H mobile TV support, Wi-Fi and several other, as yet unknown, fancypants features.  It’s due to be revealed at an event in London.

“The phone is extremely important, as we have been waiting for the market leader to respond to Apple’s iPhone,” commented Carolina Milanesi, an analyst for Gartner.  (Doesn’t miss a trick, that Milanesi. We could be analysts if all you have to do is say stuff like that occasionally.)

Nokia has also thrown in the “Comes With Music” service, which lets users download a number of songs from its own music store at a flat annual charge.

The price has yet to be ascertained; £200-£300 is the figure being bandied about, but whether that will be for the phone itself or a contract is unknown.