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Apple files solar panel patent

ipod nano pink
ipod nano pink

iPod Nano pinkFancy a nice green apple? No, we’re not trying to get rid of that job lot of Granny Smiths that fell off the back of a tree. We’re talking about the solar panel patent that could see your iPods, iPhones and Macbooks gathering their energy in a more environmentally friendly way.

According to the MacRumors website, Apple is about to become a sun worshipper.

The patent application filed by the company could see solar panels included in both handheld devices and the iMac range of laptops.

However, Apple has its work cut out, as mobile devices can’t afford to waste any space given over to solar panels.

Of course, if the company can make good on its idea of placing the cells behind the LCD screen – so they have a large area to draw power but don’t take up unnecessary space – it might just have cracked it.