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O2 nabs Apple iPhone

apple iphone
apple iphone

Apple iPhone from O2Apple shocked absolutely no-one today when it announced that its iPhone will sell in the UK exclusively on O2's network.

Don't start pitching your tent outside Apple's flagship store on London's Regent Street just yet, though.

For starters, the iPhone won't hit shops until 9 November. And for finishers, it will be selling in 1,300 Carphone Warehouse outlets all around Blighty.

Apple also seems to have learned from its mistakes in the US and will only offer the 8GB version at UK launch.

And the mobile phone contract will only run for 18 months instead of two years, at a cost of £35, £45 or £55 a month depending on your tariff.

It's still possible the iPhone could fall foul of UK consumers, though, despite being a lovely bit of kit.

The phone cost $599 at launch in the US, which works out at £299 on the current exchange rate.

When the price was dropped soon after, Apple offered users a $100 rebate.

And the price at the UK launch? £269…