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Orange plans Glastonbury wind-up


Orange Mobile Wind ChargerOrange is going green. And even though its latest energy-saving innovation is a wind-powered phone charger, this is no wind-up. Debuting at Glastonbury , Orange says its Orange Mobile Wind Charger is the result of months of research into a viable alternate energy source to power phones during summer music festivals.

The wind turbine, weighing in at only 150grams, is small enough to fit into a weekend rucksack and is easily mounted onto festival goers’ tents using a simple bracket.

But festival revellers don’t have to leave their phone in the tent while it does its work – the turbine stores wind-generated power in the control box, ready for when they return each night to recharge their phone.

Working with Professor Shashank Priya at the University of Texas at Arlington, Orange commissioned the research into an off-grid wind-powered portable phone charger that would take into account the unpredictable English climate to ensure a constant energy source.

Priya’s research is still in its infancy and continues to be developed before a mass consumer rollout.

However, Orange will show off some fully-functioning models at the Glastonbury Festival, taking place at Worthy Farm in Pilton, Somerset from 22-24 June.


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“The Orange Mobile Wind Charger is just another example of how gadgets and technologies, like mobiles, are essential in enhancing the festival-going experience and follows in the equally popular innovations that Orange has introduced over the past few years, including the Text Me Home Dome, Pic Stick and Solar-Powered Tent,” a biodegradable emailed press release said today.

With the Glastonbury festival taking in a record 175,000 music fans, spread across a sprawling 900 acres of farmland, Orange said mobile phones will be essential if you want keep connected to your friends.

“As official communications partner of Glastonbury Festival, it is important that we continue to innovate and demonstrate how mobile technology can make festival life a little bit easier, whilst respecting Glastonbury’s commitment to being environmentally aware,” said Hattie Evans, head of sponsorship at Orange.