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Review: LG Chocolate phone (white)


chocolate.jpgWe certainly loved the look
of this phone from LG when we opened up the packaging and it deserves the
amount of talk it has had over the past year, almost solely by appearences alone it is an object of desire.

The LG Chocolate phone has been
around for some time and recently a white version has been available to
mere mortals. The phone weighs in at 83g and its dimensions come in at
95 x 48 x 15.2 mm. The first impressions are good. The glowing red
touch sensitive keys don't do much until the phone is slid open to
reveal the keypad underneath. A musical flourish greets you when doing

The 2-inch; QVGA (176 x 220-pixel) TFT
screen is a good size and we were able to use the menu quite well
without having to squint at the screen to make out characters (which is
a bonus).

phone has a good call quality and did not drop any calls when we tested
it. Calls can be ended by sliding shut the phone. The mechanism for
this is quite flawless and it can be very therapetic to slide open and shut
the phone constantly (the music accompanying this motion is soothing as

are a number of connectivity options including GPRS, WAP, Java,
Bluetooth and USB. There is a USB cable included with the phone for
linking up to a PC.

is a breeze and I think personally the predictive text has the edge
over Nokia. The battery life is not that good. Spend a while talking
every day and you will also have to recharge it on an almost daily
basis. (Although it is nowhere near as bad as the battery life on the
BlackBerry Pearl).

The MP3 palyer is good with decent enough
sound quality. A flap covers a multi-purpose port for headphones, which
doubles as somewhere to connect headphones, charger and USB connection
to the computer.

There is also a 1.3 megapixel camera which takes decent enough snaps and can store these photos on its 128MB memory.

Overall, well worth ditching your Nokia or Sony Ericsson for. It will certainly give both these a run for their money.

Rating: 8/10