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Samsung pushes SIM cards to 1GB


Sample ImageElectronics boffins at Samsung have crammed a whole 1GB of storage onto a subscriber identity module card (that’s a mobile phone SIM card to you and me). The 1GB S-SIM card allows more data to be stored without the need for a separate memory card.

Samsung said the extra memory had been added to deal with the growing amount of multimedia features on mobile phones.

Storing the data on the S-SIM card allows for high-speed transmission and also means the information can be encrypted.

The S-SIM card uses a system-in-package (SiP) technology to carry high gigabit-density NAND flash memory, without expanding the area size of a conventional SIM card.

“Data intensive files such as multimedia messaging, email, digital photos and video, music files and online gaming are among the features now capable with this SIM solution,” said a Samsung spokeperson.

However, it is hoped that the extra memory is used in tandem with other removable media, as users are unlikely to want to remove their S-SIM card every time they need to transfer data to another device.

Phones without an additional media slot would also miss out on opportunities such as providing full-length movies on multimedia cards.