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First look: Revlon One-Step Volumiser Plus


Christmas is round the corner what better gift to give than a multi styler hair volumiser. This product is easy to use and saves you the struggle of holding a brush and a hairdryer as the dryer and brush are all in one. It comes with a curling wand attachment as well as a round brush for bouncy blow dries.

The One-Step Blow-Dry Multi Styler

The Revlon Hair One-step volumiser allows for you to brush and dry your hair all in one. With the attachments available to curl and style your hair this product is multi-purpose. Using the brush as the first step to dry and brush out the hair. The curved brush can then be used to style and add volume. A curling wand attachment Is perfect to elevate your hair by adding loose/tight curls. After trialling the One- Step Volumiser Plus out, the product is easy to use and leaves the hair soft, shiny and volumized. The curling wand produces ringlet curls! The Multi- styler comes with three attachments: One-step 360 Vented Airflow Curler, One-Step Round Brush, and One-Step Paddle Brush, all for £74.99 a cheaper and affective alternative to other products on the market.

One-Step Blow-Dry Multi Styler | Revlon Hair Tools £74.99

What’s Included?

You can also buy Each attachment separately however it is more cost effective to buy all three.

 One-Step 360 Vented Airflow Curler

This curling attachment comes with a clip to ensure the hair is in place whilst curling. The wand creates smooth curls that can be combed out for a more natural wave.

One-Step Paddle Brush


The paddle brush is perfect for the first step to dry and brush out your hair before styling.

One-Step Round Brush

Want an effortless bouncy blow-dry? Using the round brush you can dry, brush and style your hair!