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TickTime Cube Review

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It has been many years since the pocket watch was the best way to note the passage of a short time. And for the Hong Kong company Nllano, it was high time to revolutionize the methods for calculating the flow of seconds.

The idea is not new: in 2020, this same company launched the Ticktime, a device serving as a stopwatch in the form of a hexagonal prism. In 2022, the Ticktime Cube rather takes on, as its name suggests, a cubic appearance.

The principle remains the same: once turned on, the device can, simply by placing the desired face upwards, trigger a countdown that will last from one to 10 minutes. The remaining time will then be displayed on the approximately one-inch-wide LED display.

By pressing longer on the desired face, it is also possible to go for a time period of up to 60 minutes. And delving a little deeper into the options, the Ticktime Cube offers the ability to split time periods into certain sequences, like setting aside 25 minutes of work, then 5 minutes of rest, within a 30-minute window, for example.

The idea may, at the base, seem slightly absurd. After all, don’t we all have a smart phone? Even conventional cell phones usually have a feature, linked to the clock, which can be used as an alarm clock, timer, etc.

In this context, is buying another device only to measure the passage of time useful? In fact, you must see the Ticktime Cube, as well as its predecessor, to precisely avoid always having to use your phone. In the perspective where we probably want to avoid screens and distractions related to it, this small cube displaying only the time that passes are a very good idea. Especially since this journalist, for example, is quite capable of programming the timer on his phone but would be hard pressed to plan different times devoted to different activities.

Even better, the Ticktime Cube activates with just one motion; no need to unlock your phone, then find the right application, and finally the right menu, before starting a countdown. The simplicity and the number of pre-programmed options, here, easily convince of the usefulness of this small device.

If we still do not know the cost of this new version of Ticktime, we must admit that this gadget is quite useful, in a context where time seems to be constantly running out. And who says time, says money; why not spend a little of the second, then, to ensure better management of the first?

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ticktime-cube-reviewWho says time, says money; why not spend a little of the second, then, to ensure better management of the first?