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Mysoda review

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mysoda review ecologisch bruiswatertoestel p96pxd4sfxiugowq9pi3hgfko24ll50huuefvtq2ko

A few years ago, I wrote a review about Sodastream. Since I no longer bought bottled water but wanted sparkling water from time to time (in the summer with a slice of lime and some mint leaves), such a device is very handy. But I came across an even better, more ecological alternative: Mysoda.

Mysoda is a brand from Finland and also carries the label Design from Finland.

Mysoda is available in three models: Woody, Toby and Ruby. The first two are made of biocomposite (more info on this shortly). The Ruby is made of durable aluminium and has a matte finish.

Mysoda woody is available in five colours: black, white, grey, pink, and greenish (pigeon). The device can stand perfectly on your kitchen cabinet because it also looks good. And I’m not just saying that because the Mysoda Woody was the reddot winner in 2021 and the IF Design Gold winner in 2021.
Mysoda Toby is available in three colours: black, greenish (pigeon) and grey. This is equipped with an antifreeze nozzle to provide ice-cold water with fizz.
Mysoda Ruby is available in six colours: black, white, greenish (pigeon), silver, copper and rose. The Ruby also has an antifreeze mouthpiece.

Ecological Mysoda

Mysoda is not only ecological because you no longer must buy (plastic) bottled water, and you can simply use water from the tap.

There is a second good reason to call this device ecological and that is also a big advantage compared to SodaStream. The Mysoda device itself is made of biocomposite and not of plastic on a fossil basis.

It is made of wood, but no additional trees need to be cut for this. They are scraps from wood processing that are used to produce natural polymers and fibres that are combined to make a biocomposite based on renewable energy sources. 60% is polypropylene (from crude tall oil, a resin product) and 40% is wood fibre. The original wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

It is also as strong as plastic, so you should not be afraid that it is inferior in quality.

The bottles themselves are made of plastic, but this has been made as little as possible at the bottom and cap by also using biocomposite. They replaced the plastic cap of the CO2 cylinders with one made of sugar cane.

Like the other sparkling water devices, the Mysoda does not need electricity to work.

How does it work?

Fill the supplied bottle with tap water. If you would like to have cool sparkling water immediately, you can put the bottle in the fridge first. You click the bottle into the device and press the button. In this way, the fizz ends up in the water. If you push a little longer, you get more fizz.

Mysoda cylinder

The CO2 cylinder ensures that bubbles can return to your water. With a CO2 cylinder, you can make 40 to 60 litres of sparkling water, depending on how much sparkling you add.

As soon as your gas bottle is empty, you can exchange it when you buy a new bottle. This way you do not always have to pay for a full bottle, and you do not have extra waste. The bottles are refilled. This is their factory where they use wind energy. The cylinders are also compatible with other brands of sparkling water machines.

Mysoda syrups with flavours

Mysoda itself also has syrups to turn your sparkling water into a soft drink. These syrups are in glass bottles and with 1 such bottle of 685 ml, you can make eleven litres of soft drink.

ice mint
citrus fruit
Red fruit

If you prefer a drink without sugar, simply make sparkling water with the Mysoda and then add your flavourings, e.g. mint, strawberries, lemon juice, and lavender.

Conclusion Mysoda review

I’ve had my SodaStream for years, so of course, continue to use it. It wouldn’t be eco-friendly if I threw it away. But if I didn’t have a device yet, I would go for this ecological sparkling water device from Mysoda. It is genuinely nice to see that they take the environment into account in several areas. It is also a nice, sober appliance to put in the kitchen.