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Expert Summer Cleaning Hacks & Tips Using Just a Squeegee, Lint Roller and an Ice Cube

While carpets add a lovely cosiness to a room, they’re certainly more high maintenance than hard floors

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vacuum cleaner 268179 1920

Knowing how to clean a carpet properly is essential for keeping your home looking clean and welcoming. From daily dirt to awkward grass, coffee, or wine stains, carpeted floors sure do take a hammering,

Never fear though, 1001 is a font of cleaning hacks to keep your home looking pristine, just in time for summer.

1: A Lint Roller to the Rescue! 

Have you noticed that no matter how hard you vacuum, there are crumbs and hairs your vacuum cleaner just can’t handle?

Try using a lint roller before applying 1001 shampoo or 1001 Carpet Stain Remover – the carpet will absorb the product instead of the dust and mud!

And new insights have shown that people don’t consider lint rolling a chore but find it quite satisfying and potentially therapeutic. What a bonus!

2: Squeegee that Pet Hair Away 

A favourite hack of the queen of the clean herself, Mrs Hinch, pet hair is notoriously difficult to remove with just a vacuum cleaner. If your carpet has noticeably short hairs, then you’re all set with the trusty squeegee and a can of 1001 Carpet Fresh.

The squeegee might be intended for windows, but its design is made to dislodge gunk, frost and other substances that form thin layers and stick to a surface – exactly like pet hair on a short-hair carpet.

Wet the squeegee and use as you would on a window, then vacuum thoroughly.

Grab a can of Carpet Fresh and spray the fresh foam across the carpet. Due to the squeegee technique, the foam will penetrate even further into the carpet fibre. And the freshness will last even longer. Now put your feet up because you don’t need to hoover 1001 Carpet Fresh after applying!

3: Squeegee Those Stairs  

Stairs are a difficult area to clean, especially with all those odd angles. With a squeegee and a can of 1001 Carpet Fresh, you can lift the dirt that’s trapped right in the corners that the vacuum can’t get to.

Use the same scraping technique and at the end, spray the carpet starting from the top of the stairs with a can of Carpet Fresh. The fresh smell will travel up to your bedrooms too, creating a nice subtle smell throughout the first floor.

4: Always Blot, Never Rub 

It’s an instinct to rub dirt away. You do it when you polish shoes, wash dishes, even when a stain persists on sheets, but with carpets, rubbing leads to spreading. There’s also a high chance you might work the stain into the fabric – the surest way to permanent discolouration.

No matter what cleaning solution you use, be aware that only blotting wishes the stain away as you’re applying pressure on the spot that leads to the liquid being absorbed into the cloth or sponge.

Another way to protect carpet fibre is to pay attention to what direction you blot in. Blotting inwards from outside the stain ensures the stain doesn’t spread further. Once blotted, add 1001 carpet shampoo for instant results.

5: Ice, Ice, Baby 

This trick is meant for those impressions left on carpets from furniture, especially when it’s both heavy and not moved often.

These impressions are so annoying to see if you want to rearrange your furniture. But don’t despair, because as it turns out you can restore your carpet to its former glory with an ice cube?!

Place a regular ice cube on these dents and leave them to melt. Afterwards, blot the excess water and iron the area until dry through a towel. Once the fibres are almost dry, they’ll be pliable, and you can fluff these areas by hand with ease.

6: Use a Spot Cleaner 

Instead of cleaning your whole carpet, use a spot treatment cleaner to keep your carpets looking fresh. For example, our 1001 Carpet Stain Remover spray is brilliant if you’re in a rush, but the carpet needs a quick spruce!

1001 has been serving the country for 75 years and the Carpet Fresh range provides a quick and effortless way of refreshing your whole home without using electricity or needing to vacuum afterwards. Fine fragrance experts blend the quick-drying foam to instantly neutralize trapped odours. A light covering of the foam leaves your carpets and whole room smelling fresh and clean.

1001 Carpet Care have the largest carpet cleaning and freshening solution for your needs. The cleaning range is carefully blended to tackle small and large areas of the carpet. The range consists of a Carpet Stain Remover, Pet Stain Remover and Mousse to target spot stains and Carpet Shampoo and Carpet Machine Solution to target high traffic areas. The cleaning products penetrate deep down into carpet fibres without leaving a messy residue. The Carpet Machine Solution can be used in any known carpet machine if you’re looking for a more cost-effective cleaning solution.

For more information about 1001 and to see the full collection, please visit https://1001carpetcare.co.uk/