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GP Batteries launches the world’s fastest battery charger

Capable of charging up to 4 of its batteries in just 10 minutes

210819 CON NIMH Charge10 PS STP INT Bulk S491 F 600x600 copy
210819 CON NIMH Charge10 PS STP INT Bulk S491 F 600x600 copy

GP Batteries has launched the world’s fastest NiMH battery charger, Recyko Charge 10. The charger can simultaneously recharge up to four Charge 10 AA batteries in 10 minutes, which is up to three times faster than other best-performing chargers on the market.

“This is the charger the market has longed for. Protracted recharge time has been one of the biggest barriers for consumers to switch from single use to rechargeable batteries. Fortunately, a lot has happened since rechargeable batteries were introduced many years ago, and we are very excited to bring this new generation rechargeable solution to the market,” says Michael Lam, Director at GP Batteries International Limited.

As part of the Recyko brand of high-performing and sustainable rechargeable battery and charger products, it has become easier than ever to reduce the consumption of single-use batteries. Charge 10 is the next phase in this evolution of new sustainable rechargeables.

“Switching to rechargeable batteries is now one of the easiest steps you can take to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Increased usage of rechargeable batteries and a higher degree of recycling is equally important for sustainable battery consumption. With Charge 10, you can save time, money, and the environment from thousands of batteries” says Adam Stent, UK Sales & Marketing Manager, at GP Batteries.

“With now decades of experience from innovating rechargeable batteries, what makes our innovation stand out is our team’s deep technical knowledge, together with a thorough understanding of actual use cases and user behaviour. It’s important to not only grasp the technical fundamentals but to keep an open mind on new developments in the industry and in consumers’ lives. We have been working with different engineering teams for mechanical, electrical and software development, thus enabling us to design a highly complex multi-disciplinary product,” says Michael Lam.

Charge 10 sports an ultra-compact design which is substantially smaller than other fast chargers due to its built-in power adapter, making it easy to carry on the go. All the functionalities are seamlessly integrated, from charging lights to the charging modes button – with an easy view of, and access to, the rechargeable batteries.

“Design can be a powerful tool, and this time we have created a design which makes it easier than ever to make the shift to rechargeables. Our aim was to make the product as visually unobtrusive as possible and be at home in any environment – from inside a backpack to a busy office tabletop,” says Andrea Locatelli, Founder and Creative Director at Nonominal – designers of Charge 10.

Charge 10 uses a unique charging algorithm which optimises the charging current so that the batteries are charged in the fastest possible time, depending on the individual battery type, condition, and temperature. This is done in a safe way and with an innovative cross-flow cooling fan that distributes cool air evenly and quietly to avoid overheating.

“Charge 10 has been in development for over two years and we have overcome multiple design challenges to perfect the user experience. One of our team members sparked the original idea at a wedding, observing the countless number of batteries a wedding photographer would go through in a single evening. It shouldn’t be an effort to recharge empty batteries. With Charge 10 there are no more excuses not to switch to rechargeables,” adds Michael Lam.

As part of the Recyko brand and its sustainability focus, both the Charge 10 battery and charger products feature plastic-free, recycled paper packaging.

Learn more about the new Recyko Charge 10 here.