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Unbelievable storage in such a small package

exceria plus sdcard product banner image 1tb 1
exceria plus sdcard product banner image 1tb 1

KIOXIA – that’s the new name for Toshiba Memory, has launched its EXCERIA microSD and SD cards will soon be available and packing up to 512GB on microSD and 1024GB of memory on SD cards. They promise to expand the potential of any device, from a smartphone up to a professional photographer’s camera, by using BiCS FLASH 3D memory.

Compared to conventional Floating Gate NAND technology, BiCS FLASH 3D memory offers increased storage capacity with lower power consumption, increased power efficiency and reduced per-gigabyte storage costs. For example, the 256GB EXCERIA HIGH ENDURANCE microSD card stores about 24 hours of Full HD video footage. These cards are designed specifically for dashcams and surveillance cameras, enabling continuous writing and rewriting, while reducing the possibility of video recording failures.

Delivering the performance demanded by professional photographers and videographers alike, the EXCERIA PRO SD card is suitable for high-speed photography as well as 8K and Full HD video recording (V90, UHS speed class U3, SD speed class C10). For example, the 256GB capacity SD card stores over 38,000 18Mpixel photos or more than 5 hours of 4K video footage.

We tested out the cards and we have to say we were mightily impressed at how much these little things can store.

These can be purchased from Amazon.