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Oral-B iO series 9 review

Is it worth the high price tag?


Anyone that has tried an electric toothbrush rarely goes back to manual brushing. Such toothbrushes have a lot of research behind them.

For example, the Oral-B Series 9 has six years of research and over 250 patents behind it. IT boasts a new Frictionless Magnetic Drive that distributes energy evenly to the tips of the bristles where it matters most. It also has an Interactive Colour Display that enables easy navigation through the brush features and cleaning modes.

The toothbrush also has a Smart Pressure Sensor that guides users to apply optimal cleaning pressure (appears green when applying the right pressure and red if pressure is too hard).

It is very solidly built and has a good weight to it. the addition of an LCD colour screen really makes this feel like a premium product and, when you finish brushing, so long as you have exceeded two minutes, you get a nice smiley face together with your brushing time displayed.

Is it any good? Firstly, it combines the advantages of sonic technology with the rotating round brush head. Is it sonic? We’re not sure, but the feeling is alike – although a lot gentler on the teeth and gums. It delivers a dentist fresh feeling after every use.

The magnetic charging stand is great, a vast improvement on the original Oral-B chargers. This is far more compact and doesn’t impose. The charging case is also good. We would have preferred to see a micro-USB charger or similar rather than a proprietary adaptor, as it’s another lead to pack, but this is a minor niggle.

Overall, the brush itself is amazing – teeth feel clean all day, we noticed improved whiteness, stains fading, and we love the ability to track our oral hygiene in the app. However, for multiple users/brush heads, it is a bit of a hack. We’re more than happy to get around the app issues and continue having our own brush heads, rather than buy another toothbrush at this price.

The toothbrush is available on Amazon.

Value for Money
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oral-b-io-series-9-review-2Overall, the brush itself is amazing