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Groov-e Wireless Car Mount review

Wireless charging while you drive

GV WM6 P01 scaled
GV WM6 P01 scaled

There are a lot of car mounts on the market but very few do more than allow the driver to see the screen while driving.

The Groov-e Wireless Car Mount helps make driving stress free. It’s ideal for people who drive regularly or cover long distances, as the mount charges smartphones while in the cradle, meaning there are no battery worries when using sat nav functionality.

It features automatic detection and release grip system using infrared technology, literally taking charge of any device (between 3.5” – 6.7”) within seconds.

By combining a wireless charger and phone holder in one, the Groov-e Wireless Car Mount means users can charge their phone without the constant hassle of plugging into the mobile device. The included air-vent or suction window mounts enable it to be positioned wherever the driver feels is most comfortable and safest in the car. Plus, a ball-joint pivot offers 360-degree rotation meaning users can find the optimal position for their phone, making it easy to follow satnav instructions or accept a hands-free phone call.

When it comes to placing a phone in the cradle, the Groov-e Wireless Car Mount uses infrared technology, making it easy enough to be operated with one hand. The sensor detects the device, automatically opening and closing the clips to grip it firmly and securely whilst still ensuring access to all ports and switches. Simply press a button for quick release.

The Groov-e Wireless Car Mount features fast wireless charging so users can easily top up their battery while they drive and not worry about whether it’s being drained by the use of GPS or streaming music through their phone. It’s compatible with all Qi-certified enabled smartphones between 3.5” – 6.7”.

We found it easy to set up and use and kept our smartphone topped up on long journeys.

The Groov-e Wireless Car Mount is £29.99 and is available from www.groov-e.co.uk.