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Nextbase adding life saving features to dash cam

Boosts image quality of footage with 622GW dash cam

NextBase 622 W07 scaled
NextBase 622 W07 scaled

Nextbase has unveiled its new 622GW model with potentially lifesaving what3words capabilities that can provide your precise location to the emergency services.

The new feature pinpoints accurate location based on a worldwide resolution of three metres can provide emergency services with a precise location even when offline and is a world-first for Dash Cams. Users are able to relay their location to Emergency Services even if they have no data reception or are lost in an unknown area, a critical failsafe option.

As the first Dash Cam brand to bring 4K HD to the market with its earlier 612GW model, Nextbase was eager to develop an all-new 4K recording Dash Cam for the Series 2 range. With 4K HD filming, the 622GW captures 4K quality footage at 30fps and can playback in slow motion up to 120fps to capture the finer details like license plate numbers that matter most to drivers at high speed.

With Digital Image Stabilisation, vibrations from the vehicle and bumpy roads are reduced. This is a Dash Cam first providing drivers a smooth image to ensure all critical details are visible. Additionally, for drivers who experience hazardous weather conditions like fog, Extreme Weather Mode uses its inbuilt algorithms to provide a clear image to drivers involved in an incident during misty conditions.

The 622GW also introduces 5GHz Wi-Fi, offering Dual 2.4GHz + 5GHz Wi-Fi to allow drivers to download footage from the 622GW onto their phones more than six times quicker than before to prove non-fault after an accident, whilst delivering the best possible image quality at all times.

Richard Browning, Director of Nextbase, said: “The 622GW is a truly groundbreaking product with major innovations for the Dash Cam sector. As the first-ever Dash Cam brand to offer 4K HD recording alongside, Emergency SOS, Amazon Alexa, Image Stabilization and Intelligent Parking Mode in the 622GW, we’ve raised the bar for advancements in Dash Cam technology. We continue to focus on what matters most to drivers – the quality of video footage recording and safety and security on the road – while a range of new features added to the 622GW is a reflection of our commitment to push the boundaries of what is possible in Dash Cam technology. I believe that it is little touches like this that sets our research and development team apart and this is one of the reasons that we’re the world’s favourite Dash Cam provider.”

The Nextbase 622GW is expected to retail at £249.