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Somfy One+ review

Can this all-in-one security solution make the grade?


Indoor security cameras have been getting more and more popular as a means to keep your home and loved ones under constant surveillance.

The Somfy One is an all-in-one security solution that deters intruders whilst fitting in with the modern home.

Out of the box, it has an unobtrusive footprint of 10x9cm. It boasts a wide-angle, full-HD camera that allows you to see perfectly well both day and night, with a x8 zoom. It also hace a built-in 90 dB siren that triggers automatically when intruders are detected to scare them off.

If you don’t like the idea of people possibly being able to eavesdrop on your home and private conversations, the camera comes with a privacy shutter that automatically covers the camera’s lens and microphone when users come home.

Also, on the camera is a two-way microphone, that enables the possibility of hearing and speaking to family members thanks to the built-in speaker and microphone.

There are also smartphone alerts which allow you to download videos of the event free of charge, stored in the Somfy cloud in order to prevent them from being destroyed by an intruder.

It also has a fully pet-immune motion sensor to avoid false alarms.

It is also compatible with a range of Somfy security devices that can be bought from the Somfy website. There range from an alarm FOB to door and window sensors. This turns the smart security camera into a complete smart home alarm system.

It also has an app. The app itself isn’t easy to navigate. It can be a struggle to find where to deactivate the siren as it keeps going off.

While the camera looks nice, more work is needed on the app to make it more user friendly. You may find other, cheaper security cameras on the market that can do the same job.

The Somfy One+ can be obtained from Amazon and www.somfy.co.uk.