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Omron Evolv Bluetooth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Making measurement of blood pressure easy peasy

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Checking a check on your health at home has a number of benefits as you can save time going to the doctor and know the moment something is wrong, so you can do something about it.

The Omron Evolv blood pressure monitor makes it easy to track your family’s health from home. It provides users with a digital l blood pressure monitor is easy to read and provides accurate readings.

It is a nice-looking one-piece monitor which has no tabletop unit, no tubes and no wires. This makes it highly portable and easy to operate.

In the box, you get the main unit, four AAA alkaline batteries, a square travel pouch and a couple of little instruction booklets.

The build quality is good. The cuff goes around the upper arm, fitting 22cm to 44cm in circumference. It is easy to put on.

The display is a LED one which displays the latest reading, so no phone or app is necessary. The internal memory allows you to store up to 100 readings, but to get the most out of the monitor, it is best to sync with the smartphone app on a frequent basis. The app is available for both Android and iOS platform. Once the app is paired with the Omron device, your smart device will be your monitor and through App, you can perform numbers of operations such as averaging, graphs, historical data etc.

Overall, this is cheaper that Withings but still value for money and one of the best Bluetooth blood pressure monitor.

The product is available from Amazon. (Link)