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Philips health watch review

Can be used to motivated people to reduce their risk of lifestyle-induced chronic conditions

philips innovatie ifa
philips innovatie ifa

Philips has over 150 years’ experience in the health technology space and its mission is to enable individuals to have better control over their own health. Philips latest development is the Personal Health Program (PHP) which includes a range of devices, such as a health watch, a blood pressure monitor and body analysis scales connected together via Bluetooth, which aim to provide people who are at risk of developing chronic, life-style related conditions the ability to measure their vital signs and understand how their lifestyle choices affect their body.

What sets PHP apart from other devices available in the market, is that it is listed as a medical grade device. Philips worked closely with a range of experts including doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, smoking cessation and sleep experts to develop the program and tested it in a clinical setting to ensure the measurements and algorithms collated are clinically valid. This means the data is so accurate a healthcare professional can use the data to inform them of the health of their patient.

The watch is a really intelligent piece of technology which has the ability to track a wide range of biometrics and automatically recognises different forms of activity i.e. running, cycling, walking.

It is able to continuously and automatically measure a wide range of health biometrics (including heart rate (HR), activity, resting respiration rate, and sleep patterns), automatic activity recognition (cycling, running, walking), a heart rate zone indication, a VO2max estimate and sedentary behaviour alerting, for wellness purposes. It includes a proprietary optical heart rate sensor and accelerometer, body movement and energy expenditure, for adults at risk of or suffering lifestyle related diseases. It wirelessly syncs to the Philips HealthSuite Health app to allow the user to view and track their health biometrics and to make healthy lifestyle choices easier and keep you motivated.

Heart rate and all other measurements are provided along with the recommended (healthy) ranges, so users will know if their data conform to normal levels.

Heart rate zones indicate to the user when he/she is engaged in which intensity level of physical activity, and as such can be used in physical training planning and feedback.

The Philips health watch can also be used by healthy people motivated to reduce their risk of lifestyle-induced chronic conditions and does not need a doctor prescription.

We thought the watch was pleasant to wear and gave us lots of useful health stats.

The watch can now be purchased online on Philips.co.uk and Amazon. It will officially launch to UK retailers early next year at a RRP of £249.99.