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1MORE MK802 Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones review

Superb Bluetooth sound

1more MK802
1more MK802

Sitting, price-wise, between budget-friendly models and higher-priced choices, the MK802 headphones from 1More offer lively, full-bodied audio performance, complete with a variable bass response, ranging from whisper-quiet to pounding.

The headphones are compact, not excessively huge with a matte finish that doesn’t leave fingerprints. These are well made and are quite impressive looking. The clamping force is quite strong but lessens over time or by putting them over an oversized pillow for a few days. After breaking them in, it does become more comfortable. Also, the ear cups are rather small for an “over ear” style headphone. Protracted usage can be awkward and they do get warm since the cups are made of a pleather type of material.

There are five controls on the 802’s. Four on the right-hand side which are used for the usual playback, volume and call controls and on the left is a 3-way switch for low/neutral/high bass controls. The buttons on the side are small but function all the volume and play/pause etc. I have dialled a number in error.

It also includes a Kevlar core cable that you can connect to the MK802s for the use of an in-line microphone and remote, this plugs directly into the aux port on the headphones and the headphone port on your mobile device (or computer). This is an especially useful feature if your headphone’s batteries are running down. It is also Bluetooth.

Battery life is good. We haven’t yet run the battery down totally though but we think you could get pretty much three full working days listening out of them.

The sound quality is crisp, clear, and very enjoyable. The sound band seems to lean more towards neutral in these headphones. They have audio functions like the bass boost that provides a deep, full sound. The 802’s correctly replicates bass notes and work very well with both classical and drum & bass.

The 1More MK802 is a step up from the cheaper (and some of the more expensive) Bluetooth headphones out there.

Price: £149.99 from https://uk.1more.com/