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Skullcandy Crusher Wireless review

£119 headphones from Skullcandy are hard to beat

skullcandy crusher wireless
skullcandy crusher wireless

Earlier this year, Skullcandy released the Grind Wireless. It took Grind headphone, added Bluetooth functionality and made the phones better. The Crusher Wireless is a new design and is probably the best headphones we have ever tested.

This new Crusher Wireless headphone is a very solid and premium piece of art by Skullcandy, and a worthy successor to the original Crusher.


The headphone screams premium when they are in your hands. The headband has a leather top, metal inside, and a very soft rubber-like cushion with a small indent for a VR headband to fit.

The headphones can be folded and is built well. The earcups are, on the outside, mostly made of sturdy and premium plastic. The ear cushions are made of a leather cover and memory foam on the inside.  On the left earcup you will find your bass slider/adjuster for the Haptic Bass feature of this headphone via an adjustable slider and a microphone for taking calls and recording audio. On the right earcup you will find your Power/Play/Pause button, Volume Up/Skip Forward button, Volume Down/Skip Back button on the backside, as well as 3.5mm and Micro USB inputs for wired listening and charging respectively.


These headphones give the cleanest sound you may ever find on a Skullcandy set of headphones. Clean, crisp, balanced mids, punchy and thick yet not overpowering bass. Everything comes together as a perfectly balanced soundscape.

Without the bass slider on, the Crusher presents a lovely, slightly warm sound, with plenty of detail throughout the frequency range. With the bass on, the bass just goes crazy; i.e. intense, controlled, punchy.

Bluetooth is excellent streaming quality; it gives a feeling of noise cancelling although it’s truly just passive noise cancelling.

Skullcandy Extras

The battery life is rated at 40 hours, which matches the Beats Solo 3 Wireless. Included is a micro USB cable for charging. There is also a a 4-pole 3.5mm cable with a single-button remote and microphone. This enables chat support on both the PS4 and Xbox One, and the button and mic work on both Apple and Android devices.


The big feature is its customisable sound profile. As a leader in headphones that give you the best in bass frequencies, Skullcandy has outdone itself with the headphones. With deep bass that’s adjustable, long battery life, and no Bluetooth issues at all, at £119 you would be hard press to find better cans.

Available from Amazon for £119.