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QDOS TG Optiguard Screen Protector for iPhone 5

OptiGuard TG prep Band 2 FG
OptiGuard TG prep Band 2 FG

Having an iPhone drop and the glass shatter is not a pleasant experience. Luckily QDOS has a screen protector that will not only protect your precious smartphone display, but it will look nice too.

The QDOS OptiGuard-TG for iPhone 5 is a toughened glass screen protector that fits onto  the screen without the bubbles you would normally associate with such products.

The protector sports tempered glass which has an oleophobic coating, just like the iPhone. This means fingerprints come off easily. It is 0.4mm thick, so does add to the thickness of the phone but not so much that it becomes uncomfortable.

Applying the screen means you have to give the screen underneath a good clean. After that just peel off the backing, align the protector and press it into place.

It took a few attempts to make sure the screen was clean, but once done, you are good to go.

While the expense is somewhat at £24.99, considering what you have shelled out for an iPhone 5S, the extra is well worth it.

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