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British workers most likely to ignore Facebook bans

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Reading this article when you should be doing some work? Placate your no-doubt-fuming boss with reassurances that at least you’re not contributing to Britain’s statistic of being the most likely workers in Europe to clandestinely browse Facebook.

A study of 4,500 office workers by Samsung found that 41% of British workers whose Facebook access is restricted at work admitted to accessing the site anyway. The Germans were the next most likely, with 34% flouting rules; Spain (33%), Italy (32%) and a tie between Belgium and the Netherlands (both 31%) round out the top five misbehavers.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was the 18-34 age bracket that saw the biggest group of furtive Facebookers, the young Turks either simply ignoring bans or using their own tech to overpower the office blocking software. Samsung suggested that its research indicated corporate restrictions on Internet use are down to a lack of trust on bosses’ behalf.

Just one half of all surveyed said that their employers gave them the freedom to use technology as they wished, and a fifth suggested that their bosses are “technologically retarded”, the thinking being that extreme restrictions are imposed because the employers are too ignorant to know any better.