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World’s largest video game collection sold for $750k


You may remember that a couple of weeks ago the officially-certified largest video game collection in the world was put up for auction. Well, said auction has now closed.

When we last looked, the highest bid was $50,000 – at the close, the winning bid was an eyebrow-raising $750,250, stumped up by “peeps_10091970” (possibly not his real name). Peeps receives the best part of 12,000 games (the original record-setting number, certified in December, was 10,607, but seller Michael Thommason had added to his collection before selling it), a lifetime subscription to Retro Magazine and a Guinness certificate saying “yes, that is a lot of games” (actual certificate inscription may vary).

Peeps triumphed in a bidding war over “catch123”, who bid $750,000. There were 56 bids in total.