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Nokia blackmailed for millions of euros

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Reports are coming out that Nokia was successfully blackmailed for several million euros several years ago.

A Finnish television station reported that the National Bureau of Investigation was looking into the incident, which apparently occurred towards the end of 2007.

It seems hackers got hold of the Finnish telecommunication giant’s encryption key for its Symbian operating system, which was used to prevent external applications being accepted by phones without Nokia’s approval.

If the encryption key had been leaked, criminals would have been able to create apps and updates that looked like the genuine Symbian article, but would have been filled with malware. It’s unclear how the key got into the blackmailers’ hands, but it’s understood that Nokia paid several million euros to stop the leak. The money was left in cash in a car park in Finnish city Tampere, but police were unable to keep track of it.

“We are investigating felony blackmail, with Nokia the injured party,” Detective Chief Inspector Tero Haapala of the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation has said, but neither he nor Nokia would comment further.