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Summer BBQ Frenzy: License to Grill BBQ Aprons

TheOakRoom 954785 LicensetoGrillBBQAprons scaled
TheOakRoom 954785 LicensetoGrillBBQAprons scaled

With the barbecue season upon us, these fun aprons make the perfect gift for Father’s day or for any man who fancies himself as ‘King of the Grill.’

The aprons have an adjustable neck strap to ensure a perfect fit and also come complete with a handy beer holder pocket!

Available in a choice of four fun designs: License to Grill, Time for Chillin & Grillin, Natural Born Griller and King of the Grill Length: 82cm Width: 64cm £9.99 each from www.oakroomshop.co.uk.



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