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Summer BBQ Frenzy: BBQ Sword

BBQ Sword 1 grande
BBQ Sword 1 grande

Ever felt the need to pretend you are one of the three musketeers while cooking a burger? Your prayers have been answered.

Thrust into barbecue season and dazzle your guests with the BBQ Sword. Complete with cardboard mask to conceal your identity, this grill-side accoutrement will having you looking the complete Dumas while serving up the sausages.

The curved steel hand-guard protects your mitt (gloved or not) from rogue flames, while the wooden handle stays cool – even when you’re poking the charcoals of injustice.

The Rapier-style barbecue sword is made  from stainless steel with a wooden handle and has twin prongs for skewering and turning. It measure approximately 49cm x 11cm

Available at the Fowndry for £14.99