Home News Prestigio launch £249 6-inch dual SIM contract-free phablet

Prestigio launch £249 6-inch dual SIM contract-free phablet


Prestigio has launched its largest screen phone.The Multiphone 7600 DUO is DUAL SIM, contract free and less than half the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The 7600 DUO screen will give users an extra clear and bright image quality. Higher quality images and video can be enjoyed using the 13MP camera, which includes autofocus, flash, and digital zoom.  The 7600 DUO has a cutting-edge 1.5 GHz Quad core processor giving lightning speed, and NFC technology allows the easy exchange of digital content and the connection of electronic devices at a touch.

The MultiPhone 7600 DUO has a long-lasting battery, a slim body and comes with a stylish flip cover, which doubles as a stand. The handy DUAL SIM technology lets a user have two numbers, one for work and one for personal. Or, for regular travelers, one for an English SIM and one for a local country SIM.

“We recognise that people are moving away from traditional small screen phones and are looking for a device that offers a much more enjoyable user experience. A larger screen to view pictures, video, play games etc. is becoming a priority when choosing a new phone,” said Martin Macnamara, Prestigio UK Sales Director.

“With a superb 6″ screen we think many users will no longer want to carry both a phone and tablet, as the Multiphone 7600 DUO will do everything you need to do on the move.”

The Prestigio MultiPhone 7600 DUO is available with a RRP of £249.99, including flip case/stand.