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Musical Fidelity MF-100 Headphone Review

MF100 Photos 1
MF100 Photos 1

Being a household name isn’t everything. And while Musical Fidelity may not trip off the tongue when asked for names of headphone manufacturers, after listening to these cans, it may just become the next big thing.

The MF-100 is the company’s first larger, on-ear model. The design team said it identified and focused on several critical areas to achieve its aims of natural lifelike sound, lightness and comfort (wearability), and durability.

Even the packaging is something to look at. Once out of the black interior, the headphones are something of a statement and even boasts its own velvet carry case.

It sports a beautiful black finish and subtle touches to show up the amount of effort that has gone into making the cans look good. Despite appearences, the headphones are remarkably light.

Most headphones will be used with smartphones and as well as sound reproduction, these allow you to make and receive calls. The cups give good sound insulation (handy on the train) and don’t leak either (much to the relief of fellow passengers).

The leather earpads can make you a bit sweaty after a while. Luckily there are fabric pads provided. The headband allows adjustment for your head size and allow a pretty tight fit on your head that is comfortable.

The sound quality of the headphone is superb. As the sound isolation was good, background noises did not encroach on the listening pleasure these headphones give.

The treble is clear and distinct and bass is deep and authoritative. At the very maximum, the cans introduced no distortion.

Given the relatively modest outlay (£119), the MF-100 headphones are a good purchase and give the same quality as other headphones around twice the price.

The MF-100 headphones can be purchased here at Amazon.