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Audio-Technica Sonic Fuel earphones review

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81vMJtz5uFL. SL1500

Audio Technica has been around for a long while and while it may be a big name to audiophile, the rest of the population may not perk up so much at the sound of its name.

However, its new Audio-Technica ATH-CKX9is SonicFuel earphones may get you listening to its case.

Taking out the inner-packaging you’re presented with a box that has two loops cut out which gives you a very nice sight of the product; at the bottom you have the case with the logo plainly visible, and on-top are the ear-phones which just look spectacular, a very sleek design with a mix of gloss & matte black.

If you haven’t tried these types of C-tip ear-buds before, it’s odd putting them in firstly, but after a few goes you quickly get used to it. One thing we really like about the C-tips, is that it fills out and holds onto your ear which keeps them secure and comfortable when in use.

The flat (almost) tangle free cable is also a boon. There is a nice zipped box to keep the earphones in when not in use

The sound quality is very good with a good depth of bass and the treble sounds bright and chirpy. They offer a very good balance across a range of different genres and do not resort to the excessive bass that has become so commonplace across a number of other leading brands.