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Fellowes 73Ci Cross-Cut Desk Side Shredder review


The 73Ci is the latest addition to the Fellowes range of deskside shredders and is of comparable physical footprint to the earlier Fellowes 79Ci Fellowes 79Ci Jam Proof Cross Cut Deskside Shredder with SafeSense Technology.

The 73Ci has an equal bin capacity to the 79Ci but substitutes the earlier model’s physical buttons with a touch sensitive back lit panel that has the usual Fellowes range of warning lights.

Compared to the 79Ci, which has a 14-sheet capacity, this 73Ci has a stated 12-sheet capacity. On more than one occasion we have accidentally fed 16 sheets (80gsm) through with no problems.

It will also shred credit cards and CD/DVD discs, it is very quiet in operation.

The wheels are a bigger advantage than they sound because shredders can be awkward to move around. It also comes with some bin liners and a sample of the lubricating oil that Fellowes recommend is used each time the bin is emptied. The sacks are large enough to completely fit the shredder bin into, so you should be able to empty it without ending up with a floor covered in bits of paper.

The 73Ci features ‘SafeSense’ that basically pauses shredding if it detects a hand touching the paper opening, especially important if you have children.

It is also one of the quietest shredders we have used.

Overall, this is well worth considering if you need a quiet shredder that won’t complain about what you put through it.