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Bayan Audio StreamPort review


Getting music to play from your iPhone or Android device has usually meant having to dock it in a music player or connect it via a cable to a stereo. The Bayan Audio StreamPort will do away with all of that using your device’s Bluetooth.

Little bigger than a matchbox, the device will connect directly to your stereo or dock using RCA cables or a simple 3.5mm audio cable. It is powered by mini-USB port in the back.

It is available in black or white with colour-matching adaptor and cables, set up is pretty straightforward too. Once it is switched on by holding a button on top for a couple of seconds. The first time it is used , to pair it requires holding down the button  for around 5 seconds. It then needs to be powered down, followed by pressing and holding each time you need to pair with a new device.

Notes are played through a connected stereo when it is ready for pairing and both white and blue LEDs on the front blink slowly in unison. No codes are essential – pairing is completed instantly. If you have an NFC-enabled phone, you can pair it with the StreamPort by enabling NFC on your handset, pressing and holding the button on the top of the streamer for a few seconds and then placing your phone on top of the StreamPort to pair the devices.

If your device supports it, the wireless link will use the aptX codec. AptX is a far better codec for sound quality than sub-band coding compression used by most phones. The StreamPort Universal uses Bluetooth 4.0, which won’t be compatible with every device, but it will pair with devices back to Bluetooth version 2.1.

In use, the StreamPort could not be easier. Both hardware and music quality are up to spec. In tests, we found that the sound was of good-enough quality that we couldn’t detect any problems with playback.

Overall, for £60, an adaptor that will play the tunes on your phone through your stereo is a good investment in our eyes. The device is available from Amazon and other outlets. (Link)