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Apple slated to launch iPhone 5 on 7 August

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The latest version of the iPhone, cunningly called iPhone5, could touch down in Early August, according to the latest rumours.

According to the scoop by our good friends over at the ever wonderful Know your Mobile, the phone is to be revealed via a keynote speech on 7 August

This would be three months earlier than anticipate. The iPhone 4S was launched 4 October, a day before Apple founder Steve Jobs died. An August launch would take advantage of the lucrative back to school market.

A “reliable industry source” told the publication that it would be revealed via a keynote speech. The new iPhone is rumoured to have a much different look to the iPhone 4 and 4S, sporting a new universal dock, a larger 4-inch Retina display, an NFC chip and boosted processor.

The new iPhone 5 will also come with iOS 6, which is Apple’s answer to mobile OS upgrades from Microsoft and its Winodws Phone 8 and Google’s Android Jelly Bean (4.1).

More rumours of the iPhone 5’s design came from KitGuru, which purported to show pictures of the iPhone 5 alongside an iPhone 4. The picture did not show whether or not the new smartphone has an updated universal connector sporting 13 pins instead of the normal 30-pins.

It being a photo, it did not reveal anything on whether it will include an A6 quad core processor, multi-core graphics chip or anything else for that matter. And judging by the lack of lawsuits flying out of Cupertino, we have to strongly question the authenticity of the pictures.

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