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Linksys Cisco X3000 review

x3000 router
x3000 router

Maybe we want to show off our broadband router. Well, if nothing else, you will get a better signal if it is not tucked away from sight . So the new Linksys X3000 should win a few beauty contests, but is it more than just helping poor children and travelling the world!?

It has a slimline, two-tone appearance that is reminiscent of the Macbook Air and is also almost as thin. But beneath the looks is a router that can be used as both a cable and ADSL device as it sports a built-in modem and a Wan port. There are also four gigabit Ethernet ports as well, so helpful when plugging in media servers. It only supports 2.4GHz wireless but it can still manage to achieve a second guest access wireless network.

It comes with Cisco Connect software and built-in admin tools that are a delight to use as they are very well designed and makes for easy adjustment of network options. Help pages are good and well thought through and has all the detail you need for each setting and what it does.

Logging in displays a pop-up that reminds you that adjusting settings can disable the network and warnings appear when you select anything that might affect performance.

The router’s short range performance is as good as its styling and we managed to achieve a performance of around 70Mbps. At long range this comes down to 25Mbps but this is still a worthy achievement, if a little underwhelming compared to other routers we’ve tested in the past.

While the design is exceptional, the performance is on par with most other routers on the market. However, there does seem to be a premium placed upon the router’s design and its brand name. For the money, there are other routers that offer what the X3000 does and a little bit more.