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Review: iLap Laptop Stand

ilap lap use
ilap lap use

The iLap Laptop Stand promises to make it easier to use your laptop while you’re sat at your workstation or relaxing away from the desk, looking a lot like an Apple-branded product while it does it’s job. So how did it perform when it came to a test?

There’s no question it’s unashamedly designed to riff off a look that matches Apple’s computer range, with its aluminium material boasting a sand-blasted and silver anodised finish. However, you don’t need a product endorsed by Steve Jobs to rock this bit of kit and we used it to add a touch of class to our tiny Samsung netbook.

Besides, the one thing that pushes it away from its wannabe Apple styling is the spongy rest at the front of the stand that sits on your lap. This unfortunately clashes a little with the rest of the modern design.

On the plus side (or should that be plush side), that material is at least great quality. You can tell a manufacturer is proud of something when the box it retails in has a hole cut in the front so you can “feel the velvet cushion inside”. And if you think it’s spoiling the look while you’re resting it on your lap then pull the Velcro and take it off. The piece is removable so it can rest flat when you use it as a stand on a desk but the aluminium edge is folded over so it didn’t dig into us as we sat using it without its cover on.

ilap desk use

What you will lose by removing that cover is the effect of having the laptop pushed further away from your body. So what, you might say, but we found that did help navigate the track pad and made for less achy wrists while sitting up in bed. Insert your own lewd gag here.

A swivel base at the back allows a small amount of positioning – although arguably not enough that a static rest wouldn’t have been just as effective.

That cool aluminium metal material should also help keep the battery in the back of your lappie from getting too hot. Plus, having the laptop raised from your body means any heat that might be transferred to your person and annoy you during use is kept safely at bay.

With regular designs to match laptops from 12 to 15-inches, plus widescreen models for 13, 15 and 17-inch versions, there’s an iLap for your model. Shopping around will net you one for $45 and up, which is just about justified given its mix of style and service.