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App store downloads hit 10 billion

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apple mac store icon

apple_mac_store_iconAnd to mark the occasion, Apple has given the lucky downloader a gift card worth over £6,000. Not bad, considering the download in question was free…

The magic number was hit on Saturday night (the 22nd). The download was Paper Glider, a free-to-download game by British developers Neon Play.

The lucky downloader was one Gail Davis from Orpington in Kent. And she refused to believe it.

Talking to the BBC, she said: “I have to confess it wasn’t actually my download, it was my daughter’s. I had no idea, when Apple called me. I thought it was a prank call and I declined to take it.”

After speaking to her daughters, Ms. Davis discovered that they had indeed downloaded the game.

“I had a moment of blind panic but thankfully Apple called me back.

“They said it’s not a joke and you are the winner.”

As the App Store account holder, Ms. Davis gets an iTunes gift card worth $10,000 (that’s a bit over £6,200).

The landmark was hit in just two and a half years, with seven billion of the downloads coming in the last twelve months.