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Radiopaq Dots earphones review

radiopaq dots
radiopaq dots

Earphones. The more expensive the better, right? Radiopaq disagrees and would very much like you to hear them out with its Dots earphones.

Boasting that the earphones are 50 per cent smaller than the competition, the Radiopaq Dots also claim to have the world’s smaller sound driver, which aims to deliver great sound quality from a small package.

The Dots come in a variety of colours and each have three sizes of ear buds so you should be able to find the one that fits you best. The buds should help in cutting out background noise so you should be able to hear more of your music and less of your fellow commuters.

The colour range should suit just about everyone coming in green, red, blue, purple, pink, black and white. Obviously the black and white options should go well with most iPod and iPhone devices.

As well as the metal finish the Dots have the wires have a soft rubber silicone finsih that should ensure the wires remain tangle-free.

Of course, earphones are only as good as the sound they produce. With small cheap earphones you expect a tinny-ness to the sound. The Dots have a much better sound than that and match earphones double and possibly triple their price.

While they will never beat a top-end noise cancelling set of earphones, they do produce a solid bass sound without losing the crispness of the treble. The fit of the earphones means that you don’t have to pump up the volume.

While the size of the Dots are small, it kind of makes you feel that you have to treat them with respect in case they come apart as they are so tiny. At only £15 maybe this isn’t a major concern as you could go through a number of these without breaking the bank (not that you would want to?)

Overall, for this amount of money it is hard to beat.

Rating: 8/10

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