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Top Film Gadgets Of All Time


Universal has conducted a poll of the best film gadgets of all time – so what came top? Will it be time travel, a cool form of transport or something a little bit more unusual?

Well, despite a huge number of cool cars and other funky vehicles making the list, film fans put time twisting gadgets at the top. And while Back To The Future‘s DeLorean is a time travel device and an iconic car, it was actually the Transporter from Star Trek that topped the list.

Made famous by the phrase ‘Beam me up’, the Transporter scooped 20 per cent of the votes from the 1,000 people polled. Back To The Future’s DeLorean zoomed into second place with 11 per cent, but Marty McFly was also back in seventh place with the Hoverboard that featured in Back To The Future Parts II & III.

The Top Film Gadgets of all time were:
1. The Transporter – Star Trek (1966-2009) 20%
2. The DeLoreon – Back To The Future (1985) 11%
3. KITT – Knight Rider (1982) 10.2%
4. The Handbag – Mary Poppins (1964) 10.1%
5. Invisible Aston Martin – Die Another Day (2002) 7%
6. The Neuralizer – Men In Black (1997) 6%
7. Hoverboard – Back To The Future Parts II & III (1989, 1990) 5.4%
8. Submersible Lotus Esprit – The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) 4.9%
9. Universal Remote – Click (2006) 4%
10. Jet-pack – Thunderball (1965) 3.5%
Others = 17.9%

Back To The Future is back in cinemas throughout October and is released on Blu-ray as a trilogy for the first time ever on 25 October.