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Skitterbot picks up speed

Skitterbot green
Skitterbot green

Skitterbot_greenIt’s the “world’s fastest-legged” micro-robotic toy. It responds to a patent pending five-function USB remote control. But best of all, it comes in four different colours, using four different frequencies, so you can race or battle with your mates. Say hello to the Skitterbot…

And while one foot per second might not sound so speedy, that’s enough to make the Skitterbot the fastest micro-robotic toy commercially available according to creator Desk Pets International.

Other features include:
* A built-in battery for quick & easy USB charging
* A quick 30-minute charge gives 15 minutes of playtime but a full charge offers “hours of playtime”
* Forward, backward, left, right, and stop buttons on the remote.
* Flashing red eyes pulse when robot is idle
* Colours include red, blue, green, and a clear shell.

The Skitterbot is available now for $19.99 (around £13) from Toys “R” Us and Radio Shack stores in the US.