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My other phone is a dress

cutecircuit m dress
cutecircuit m dress

In the office we are always misplacing our phones, so how about one you can wear. London-based fashion designers CuteCircuit have developed a little black dress that can make and receive calls.

Dubbed the M-Dress, this number has mobile phone circuitry woven into the dress itself. To make calls, the wearer lifts their hand to their ear and the gesture recognition software in the dress senses this and makes a call. Hanging up on someone is as simple and lowering your hand. We’re not sure how you dial a number, we suspect you have to do a Peter Crouch impression.

It has a built-in antenna concealed in its hem and the dress, made of a dark, richly textured, form-fitting silk jersey, accepts a Sim card so you can keep your number.

“The M-Dress (Mobile Phone Dress) was designed after our research showed that very often phone calls are missed because mobile phones are quite awkward to carry, especially for women, that have garments with small or no pockets,” said the designers on their website. “To allow women to stay connected while remaining stylish, CuteCircuit designed the M- Dress. A mobile phone in its own right but built out of soft circuitry.”

The dress will be available from 2011. We’ve ordered one for each member of the team whether they want one or not!