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Finis talks Swimsense

finis swimsense device
finis swimsense device

finis_swimsense_deviceSwimming just got a little more technical, as Finis has unveiled the Swimsense Performance Monitor, an “intuitive device” worn around the wrist while you plough through the water. It can even take into account what stroke you’re doing…

“With built-in automatic stroke recognition Swimsense is the first Performance Monitor in the world that can automatically differentiate between backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and Freestyle,” an official statement said. “Custom settings allow the user to configure Swimsense for unique pool sizes, and personalise calorie calculations by specifying gender, weight and age.”

The device uses motion sensing technology to detect and distinguish between stroke types, as well as recording the number of laps completed, total distance, calories burned, lap time, pace and stroke count.

The device combines with a free online workout viewer, allowing users to upload their workouts via a USB connection and review up to 14 past workouts/swims.

For the more serious swimmer or professional athletes, Finis will also offer a subscription Training Log with a monthly fee. This will allow users to create and track goals, set workouts plans and access and store an unlimited number of past workouts for performance analysis. 

Swimsense will be available in the fourth quarter of 2010 at a cost of $199.99 MSRP (around £130 RRP) at a variety of retailers and online at the Finis website.