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Sony “makes 3D sound simple”

Sony 3D ultra compact HT AS5
Sony 3D ultra compact HT AS5

Sony_3D_ultra-compact_HT-AS5Sony reckons its new surround sound system, which is made up of a subwoofer unit and four compact speakers, “makes 3D simple”. The ultra-compact system has 3D HDMI pass-through and high-power S-Master amplification and is “designed to give room-filling audio – without filling the room with audio equipment.”

The system also features 1000W of S-Master digital amplification hidden away in its compact subwoofers, which acts as the control centre for the system.

And it boasts Digital Cinema Sound processing, developed in conjunction with Sony Pictures Entertainment, which works with the Auto Calibration to give “the most accurate, most involving home cinema experience yet.”

Other features of the HT-AS5 include:
* 3D pass-through on 3 HDMI inputs and 1 output
* 2 optical/1 coaxial digital input for games consoles, set-top boxes
* 7.1-channel LPCM from Blu-ray players 
* FM RDS/AM radio tuner 
* HDMI monitor output has Audio Return Channel capability, allowing sound from a TV’s internal tuner to be delivered through the surround system and halving the usual cable requirement.

The system is available now for around £400.