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Show them you’re having an appy holiday

ecards media postcards app
ecards media postcards app

ecards_media_postcards_appIt’s the start of the Summer Holidays next week and if you’re jetting off somewhere sunny there’s a new app to show your friends what a great time you’re having. The Postcards app from eCards Media zaps your holiday snaps onto real postcards and drops them through a UK letterbox the very next day.

Users can take a photo or upload one from their library and input text to family and friends. They are then sent to printers in Dorset via FTP at 4pm daily. By 5.15pm, they’re in the post.

The service costs 99p including postage to send your postcard within the UK and £1.49 to send it anywhere else in the world, processed via PayPal.

The app is free to download for iPhones and Android devices and can be found by searching under “Postcards”.
“No more flicking through a stand of dodgy, dated postcards, worrying where to buy stamps or find the postbox,” said an eCards spokesman. “Let your personal holiday snaps be transformed into traditional picture postcards and mailed home at the touch of a button.”
A recent two-month test-phase saw 8,000 holidaymakers send unique ‘DIY’ postcards using the free app.