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Summer BBQ frenzy: Our top BBQ gadgets and tools

bbq fork
bbq fork

It is well and truly BBQ season with the great weather we are having in this country. This is the Absolute Gadget guide to the best BBQ tools and gadgets out there to make your BBQ that much better.

OXO (not the people that do stock cubes) have some great BBQ tools. It’s new long length implements mean that you you don’t get burnt even if your burger might. The BBQ turner (£11) expertly flips burgers and tests whether they’re ready or not with a unique serrated edge, while the BBQ fork (£11) effortlessly turns steaks or marinated chicken. Finally the BBQ tongs (£13) lift and rotate juicy sausages, corn on the cob and vegetables.


When you BBQ you may as well have a drink and the company also has a new steel winged corkscrew (£20). This brushed stainless steel corkscrew has a non-stick worm that glides smoothly through any cork in one simple motion. OXO’s trademark soft grip surface on the body, wings and turning mechanism of the corkscrew provides maximum comfort when removing the cork from the bottle, protecting Dad’s hands from strain, while the stainless steel foil cutter is cleverly secured inside the turning handle for discrete storage and can be easily removed when needed.



If camping’s your thing then this new Campingaz portable BBQ will mean a much more enjoyable eating experience than heating up a can of beans on a gas stove. Campingaz Fargo BBQ Grill is a small, compact and portable barbecue perfect if you are planning a camping holiday this year. It has integrated handles that fold down to form legs, making it easy to use in a whole range of situations. It features enameled cooking grids, two foldable side tables that also provide a protective lid when closed, a grease tray, with piezo ignition and weighs only 7kg with a total heat output of 4.5kW, costing rrp £99.99.



Food poisoning can be a very real danger so it pays to know if your food is cooked through. Salter with its Gourmet Meat Thermometer (£9.99) lets you cook safe in the knowledge that the temperature of all meat can be clearly read so that it’s cooked properly before tucking in. The easy to grip silicone handles and digital reading make for a useful gadget that will be used as much as it is enjoyed. And if you buy that, Salter also has a matching Gourmet Timer as well for just £9.99.


If your BBQ needs a light then Zippo (those lighter people) have its Zippo Flexible Neck Utility Lighter. With a flexible extended neck topped by a slim nozzle, the ergonomically-designed ‘Flex Neck’ is ideal for getting a flame to any hard-to-reach places, both in the great outdoors and around the house and will ignite anything from candles and lanterns, to grills and campfires. its wind resistant flame ensures it is suitable for all conditions from the gusty peaks of Ben Nevis to the maddening family Bank Holiday BBQ; the dual flame technology will let you start a fire with ease, even in more challenging weather conditions.