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Boris talks up Wi-Fi London in time for Olympics

boris johnson
boris johnson

boris_johnsonA couple of years ago, London mayor Boris Johnson said that he wanted to get city-wide Wi-Fi across the Big Smoke. He’s now aiming to achieve this goal in time for the 2012 Olympics.

The possibility of installing Wi-Fi hotspots on lampposts and bus stations was mentioned last month, and now he’s discussing the logistics of getting it working on the Tube.

Hotspots would be installed on station platforms throughout the underground, meaning the age-old issue of losing network coverage when you step below London’s streets would be a thing of a past.

(Well, when we say “age-old” we mean “for the last fourteen years or so”.)

However, Johnson has acknowledged that city-wide Wi-Fi would prove expensive, and extending it underground even more so. As such, we wouldn’t be surprised if the original plan to provide the service for free will be abandoned. It’s probably fair to assume that a lot of commuters will be willing to pay a small fee to make net access easier – we certainly wouldn’t mind – so it looks like time for the old wait and see approach.