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Urbanears adds Medis earphones

Urbanears Medis earphones
Urbanears Medis earphones

Urbanears_Medis_earphones“In just six months the Stockholm, Sweden-based collective Urbanears has made a huge impact on the global market with their unique and multi-coloured collection of headphones,” the spokeswoman says, buttering us up for the inevitable news of the release of some new and colourful Urbanears Medis earphones.

Apparently, the Medis in-ear headphones offer “an unprecedented experience in ergonomics, functionality and design.”

What makes the Medis unique is how it sits in your ear, the spokeswoman continues.

“The Medis uses the patented EarClick solution to secure the earpiece at two separate points to the outer canal of your ear rather than one, relieving pressure to a nearly non-existent level while keeping it firmly in place,” she says.

That should mean that the days of uncomfortable in-ears which repeatedly fall out are over.

The Medis also comes with a microphone and remote that’s compatible with most devices from Nokia, Blackberry, HTC and Apple, giving it the additional function of a headset.

The Medis comes in 12 colours and retails at $50 (around £34). It will be available this July in over 40 countries.