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Panasonic adds Skype to Viera TVs

Panasonic TY CC10W
Panasonic TY CC10W

Panasonic_TY-CC10WPanasonic TV owners can now Skype from their large screen TVs in high-def, as the company adds the Skype service to its Viera Cast system. The process requires an added camera and works with Panasonic’s VT20, V20, G20, D28 (37- and 32-inch models) and D25 VIERA TVs.

“From today, Panasonic HDTV owners can make free Skype-to-Skype calls from their large screen TV, which means  they can see family and friends on a large screen from the comfort of their living as they talk to them,” a Panasonic suit told AG.

“Skype is a new addition to Panasonic’s Viera Cast, an innovative feature on the TV which allows users to access online content directly from the living room via an Internet connection without using a computer, giving users access to YouTube, Eurosport Google’s Picasa Web Albums and many more services.”

To make a Skype video call users need to add Panasonic’s TY-CC10W HD Communication Camera, which is sold separately as an accessory and costs around £129.99.

The camera can broadcast HD pictures in 720p (based on internet connection speed) and also includes a special unidirectional microphone system that can pick up sound from couch-distance, so all members of the family can take part in conversation.