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Firefox lands on Android

fennec n1
fennec n1

fennec-n1We have been writing about Mobile Firefox for a long time but it now finally seems that we will actually see the Vulpine-based browser on a smartphone.

A new pre-Alpha version of Firefox Mobile (codenamed “Fennec”) is now available to new phones packing the Android 2.0 OS (Nexus One, HTC Legend and Motorola Milestone for example).

The browser features tabs as expected, but as it is a very early build there are still a few problems to iron out. Using it may cause the phone to become slow and may even require a reboot sometimes. Also, the app may shut down and restart when started up.

According to Vladimir Vukićević, one of he developers of the browser, the browser is “usable enough that we wanted to get some feedback on it as we continue to develop.”

You can download the Fennec browser here.